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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thought about science and the IPCC (climate, again, sorry)

From New Scientist
The IPCC was tasked by the governments of the world to deliver an encyclopedic consensus on the state of knowledge about one of the most far-reaching yet divisive questions of our time. 

This is the issue with IPCC in a nutshell. Science is not about consensus. I commend New Scientist for recognizing it, although I am not sure it was their intent. The charter of the IPCC has nothing to do with science and everything to do with delivering the necessary propaganda for government policy. The IPCC charter was to arrive at the opinion that the UN wanted, not to formulate UN opinion. The IPCC strategy is to continue collecting opinions supporting a single viewpoint until the avalanche of paper smothers scientific debate. 

Consensus science is an oxymoron. Instead of killing more trees, IPCC and the UN need to stand down. I am not so naive to think that governments will quit pushing the agenda. But scientists need to leave the building on this or lose not only credibility but their pulpit and probably their estate as well. People do not want to give their hard earned tax dollars to something they no longer believe in. 

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