Resistance Begins at Ohm!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Now Congress is outsourcing its job.

Following are some extracts from an oped by Mark Warner, VA Senator.

"[T]he inability of the regular congressional process to act to put our nation's fiscal house in order couldn't be clearer. ...the longer Congress and the administration wait to act, the harder the choices become.
"We are calling for creation of a bipartisan task force that will make sweeping budget and revenue recommendations to be presented to Congress, with no amendments allowed, for a simple up-or-down vote.
"Everything would be on the table, including spending and revenues. We can't solve this challenge by looking at only one side of the ledger. The task force recommendations would be considered by Congress under expedited procedures with a "yes" or "no" vote required."
-------- end quotes

So, if Congress is going to farm out the hard work to a bipartisan (not non-partisan) commission, what the heck are we paying Congress to do? Let's just pay them the one day that they come in and vote on the bill. The other 364 days they can go work at Starbucks, or Bullfeathers, if they are lucky.

I know it's broke folks. But y'all broke it and if you can't fix it, then the least you could do is quit! Hiring more pols to do your work is a waste (although it probably will cut down on fraud and abuse).

You were elected to do a job. We could just elect the commission instead, who needs you?

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