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Friday, April 17, 2009

Government Spending and Revenue - Now and Then

Total public debt subject to limit April 16      11,125,587
Statutory debt limit 12,104,000
Total public debt outstanding April 16 11,183,899
Operating balance April 16 257,351
Interest fiscal year 2009 thru February 148,762
Interest same period 2008 198,518
Deficit fiscal year 2009 thru February 764,525
Deficit same period 2008 264,541
Receipts fiscal year 2009 thru February 860,877
Receipts same period 2008 967,153
Outlays fiscal year 2009 thru February 1,625,402
Outlays same period 2008 1,231,694
Gold assets in March 11,041

These numbers would be in millions.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Tax Day!

You have not worked enough this year to pay all your taxes, but hey, have a party.
Have a Tea Party!

Charlotte NC party

Cincinnati Tea Party

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I'm picking on this guy just because. He is only one of several economists/prognosticators that predicted the crash of 2008/09. They seem to be uniformly predicting that the result of the massive spending spree is going to be inflation.
Reuters on Kevin Phillips

Hellloooooo!!!!! Have you been to the grocery store lately? Like this month? Been by a gas station recently? Now why would gas go up 50 cents or basically 30% when the inventory of crude and of refined gas is higher than it has been in a decade? Your dollar at work, saving (bankers) jobs and solving a debt problem by increasing the debt by a factor of three. Solving the housing crisis by making sure you can no longer afford the payments on your house, regardless of its value or the low fixed rate on your mortgage. Hey, what crisis? There are plenty of houses.

Ummm, calling for something that is already happening isn't a prediction, it's a reality check. Duh!