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Friday, February 5, 2010

Energy Myths versus Reality

This article by a guest writer is very thought-provoking. Here are the 5 myths Tom Tanton explains.
Myth: Foreign Oil Provides Most of Our Energy
(You probably knew that, but read why, because you may be surprised at all the reasons.)
Myth: Renewables Will Replace Conventional Energy Sources
(He doesn't mention biofuels which is another part of this myth.) Myth: The U.S. Is a Disproportionately Large Polluter
(You may find these statistics amazing.)
Myth: Energy Efficiency Cuts Energy Use
(This is basically due to affordability, and I have written about the "oil bubble" previously.)
Myth: Increased Oil Production Can’t Be “Green”

So there you go, some really interesting information from someone who looks pretty credentialed to me. At least he isn't a railroad engineer.

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