Resistance Begins at Ohm!

Friday, January 22, 2010

After Tuesday, what next?

The challenge:
Real solutions for real problems.
It's about jobs, the economy, security.
Stop spending like it's not your money.

Works for me.

Lessons learned:
People have no more patience. Don't screw around. Don't waste CO2 gloating or projecting what it means for one party or another. We could not care less. It is really annoying.

Be positive. people are not embracing the vitriol anymore. It is what you have to offer, not what you don't like about the other guy. Martha went negative and blew her last chance. Fight for me? I am sick of the fighting. If you're here to fight, go get another job.
Don't diddle, twiddle, and fritter. What's the plan, the strategy and the milestones? We want progress, not progressives.
What does success look like because your competition will run very well on your failure.
Be realistic, nobody is buying the waste, fraud and abuse nonsense or funding from "other sources."
You work for us not the other way around. Act like it.
The earmarks, pork, bribes and backroom deals, the lobby and industry payoffs - stop it! 
Govern where the rubber meets the road, not where the ideology meets the sky.
Be open, honest and prepared to adapt and change. Cooperate, collaborate, find what you agree on, what we (your voters) agree on, and start from there.
Be original, sound bites and talking points aren't selling. Know where you are coming from and be able to explain it clearly in a conversation as well as an op ed.
Listen. Hear. It's more work than bloviating, blathering and prevaricating.

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