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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One third of salaries and wages come from the government

Notice it does not say earnings.
So, between social security, medicare and unemployment, 35% of income (I'm thinking not reimbursements) is actually being paid by the other 65% of actual workers. One person is supported by 2 other people actually out earning it. Take 1/3 of your gross income and just stand on the corner and hand it out to your neighbors. You will get a lot more satisfaction and help a lot more people along the way. And another million or so government workers will have to go out and earn their own instead of earning part of your share or the American pie.
This is really sad. What a pathetic entitlement society.
Social welfare benefits have increased over $500 billion just in the last 2 years! That money is already spent. Too late for any savings there. Want to keep doing this year after year? How do you think you will afford your own retirement?

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