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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Picking losers

I think I have figured out why the whole mosque thing is bigger than maybe it warrants.

Clearly, our culture is still very raw about what Islam and a few dozen muslims carried out on 9/11. And what is wrong with that? You can't call people religious bigots because they are still emotional (angry, sad, offended, fearful) - that was a big deal. To the extent that muslims around the world are still celebrating the attack on the World Trade Center, we are still entitled to our emotions about it, are we not?

That is a point of discussion regarding my opinion about the proposed mosque. I have an opinion and so do a lot of people. There are no right or wrong feelings. There is, however, gracious and civilized behavior, which means you consider another person's feelings about a matter before you decide to do something that impacts them.

Here's what the prez said. America's feelings aside, they have a right to religious freedom (true) including building a mosque at ground zero minus 2 blocks (false, property rights are different than religious rights - dummass). And I am picking the winner here - it's the muslims. Everyone else, tough noogies. Then on Saturday, he said he didn't have an opinion about whether they should build the mosque, just that they had the right.

It's picking winners and losers again. We don't want one person at the head of the executive branch picking winners and losers. Furthermore, this isn't a debate that concerns the presidency, so why would he be picking in the first place? The rest of the message seems to be that if we don't agree with his choice, then there must be something wrong with us. We are too stupid to understand, or we are racists or bigots or trying to make it political. Wrong. We are offended that you are making this decision; that you are once again picking the losers and the losers are us.

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