Resistance Begins at Ohm!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What are the priorities again?

Make BP pay.
Have the government give people BPs money.
Make BP capture the oil in a few weeks.
Watch what amounts to 10,000 people per state pick up tar balls.
Make BP pay.
Stop drilling.
Have BP give money to people that the government layed off by putting a moratorium on offshore drilling for 6 months (huh?!?).
Have people study the accident.
Have people study the gulf coast other crises and problems (hey Gulf Coast, hope you enjoy DC studying you and deciding what you need, like they did with Katrina).
Reorganize minerals management - whip those slackers into shape (butts to kick).
More regulations, standards and enforcement.
End our oil addiction (because we have run out of safe places to drill?!? NOT)
Embrace clean energy (go ahead, give it a big hug and a kiss).
Spend another $80 billion we don't have. Tax oil so we can pay for more unemployment benefits and medicare and tax benefits and...
Legislate more efficient buildings, make power companies use solar and wind (which not only costs more but is less efficient and has a bigger carbon footprint) and conduct R&D (if you know carbon or hydraulic operations, how are you qualified to do something unknown? It's like having your drug store perform cancer research.)
Pray for courage.

Yup, just read that over and I don't see anything about plugging the damn hole. Or saving the wildlife and wetlands. Or protecting the coasts. Or get the oil out of the water. Nope, don't see any of that.

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