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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Climate Thought Police Are Watching You!

This is very disturbing, yet somehow not surprising. I really wish this was conspiracy theory and paranoia (along the lines of 9/11 and JFK conspiracies). However, there seems to be something more than what appears on the surface of climate religion, and perhaps this really is it. God save us.

The British lawyer who last week called for introducing international laws through the United Nations which would make it a crime against humanity to question the reality of man-made global warming has close ties with the Club of Rome – the ultra elitist organization which openly bragged of how it invented the climate change scare as a means of manipulating the global population to accept world government.
Source (you may wish to skip the juvenile comments)
The Lazy Environmentalist (Polly Higgins)
The Guardian article
The ecocide website

I really hate to give this famewhore more clicks, but you should understand the mindset out there.

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