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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's the message, stupid!

I hate to just link to another blog to make a point, but this one is just too emblematic. So, this is what prompts my rant today: Jackson says EPA is losing a public relations war over climate regulations 
Subtitle: It's all Bart Simpson's Fault.
This is the problem: This admin seems to think that if only they could be more articulate (or perhaps less articulate), or better at marketing, or had a good facebook page, or if voters weren't so stupid...
Never a problem with the message itself. Never that the policy is being rejected. If the idea doesn't fly, the problem is never the idea, it just hasn't been presented effectively.
So, what part of "NO!" do they not understand? Well, all of it actually. If you say no, then obviously you have missed their point.
It's a bad idea! Actually, "bad" is a qualitative judgment that is not substantiated by the facts we have selected that fully support the policy adopted by (fill in the blank agency). It is an idea, it is our idea, and therefore it will be done regardless of public opinion. Good or bad is not relevant.
We don't want it! Clearly, you have not listened. Because if you had, you would know what is good for you. If you now what's good for you, you would agree, nay, you would be out there demonstrating for us! Or at least tweeting for us.

Reality is a sideshow in this burg. What counts is volume. Next time you find yourself shaking your head in dismay, consider this: If you make up a sign, stand in front of the news cameras and barf your opinion of the policy or law of your angst upon the sidewalk, you are actually adding to the debate. Discussing why the idea won't work or suggesting other ideas that will does not count.

If we agree, the debate is over. If you agree, it is a conspiracy. Or organized opposition (which is different because?). Or you are all tea-bagging nutters. Something nefarious anyway.

I honestly think that many people who have been living and working inside the beltway do not get this strategy at all. It isn't familiar or logical nor does it follow the rules of debate. Be afraid, be very afraid.

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