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Monday, October 12, 2009

Everyone benefits when I spread your wealth around

Remember the NYT writer that had an idea how we could regulate lawyers like we treat physicians under medicare? This guy explains wealth redistribution with a new grading system. Mike Adams

The lastest "you can't be that stupid" moment:

1) Young people (who pay a lot more in premiums than they use in benefits) only have to pay 10% of the premium if they don't get insurance. So of course, they will get the insurance, right?
2) Insurance companies can reduce premiums by offering low cost policies to more sick people.
3) Your premiums won't go up if we tax the hell out of the insurance companies.

Why is it that they get "spread the wealth" but they don't get spread the risk?
Why is it that we privatize the profits and socialize the losses? The losses are not an asset, duh! And the losers should not be spreading the risk, they should be eating the whole thing.

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