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Sunday, June 14, 2009

On fixing healthcare

One word - medicare/medicaid.
That's what you get with this government running health care. No one really believes these programs are working well for patients or practitioners, do they? Practitioners get paid so little, they can't afford their liability insurance. Patients can't get the diagnostics they need because either they are limited to how many per year, or they just can't get in the door. Recipients are still responsible for large out of pocket expenses. And a lot of things are not covered.

$1 trillion for a new program. At the same time, they are cutting payments for the current ones - why? Because we can't afford the programs!

So, how will we pay for the new one? By taxing health care programs, of course. The system is broken because no one can afford the premiums for health care insurance, let alone health care itself. So, let's make it more expensive.

This crew is so stupid, and for some reason, everyone is buying this nonsense.

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